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There is a place for social media and it CAN be amazing…

If you can cruise past the mindless scrolling, pretty posts and nicely scribed thoughts…

…if you can make it through the rabbit hole of self-loathing, envy, and overall discontentment based on comparing your reality to “another’s highlight reel”. 

…and for my fellow entrepreneurs…if you can bypass the drain and pressure to make content that is relevant, not superficial or fake, but yet spicy enough to beat the ever-changing algorithms to even get your work seen…

…then you can see that everyone on here is simply just looking for connection. For a place to be seen and heard.

This is all great and a wonderful interlude; but I hope it’s a segway – not the only means to connection. 

For me, my hope is for my little space on social media (and each of our pages) to be a launching place, not a replacement for in-person…live…connection and community. It’s an amazing aspect and a way to connect, but there is something to be said for face-to-face encounters where you don’t have to hide behind a screen and can truly “be in it”…walking along-side each other through life. To be a witness to their experiences. To be a safe place to say “me too”. To not be about the perfect image, but the story behind it. To be a place where we celebrate with each other and grieve along side each other. Social media cannot be our replacement for in-person connection.

I’ve met so many people through this little place called “social media” and came out the other side with real friendships. We’ve walked through dark places, celebrated in people’s most special moments and connected through things that I would’ve never imagined! This is why I do what I do!

All of this to simply encourage and remind us to reach out from behind the phone, behind the feed, behind our comfortable wall we can easily hide behind and connect!

People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered.
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind,
people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.

If you are successful,
you will win some false friends and some true enemies.
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank,
people may cheat you.
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building,
someone could destroy overnight.
Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness,
they may be jealous.
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today,
people will often forget tomorrow.
Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have,
and it may never be enough.
Give the best you’ve got anyway.

You see, 
in the final analysis it is between you and God;
 it was never between you and them anyway.

– Mother Theresa


I am a photographer who has photographed hundreds of children over the past 10 year. I’m also a mom of two, and have previously worked with kids and studied child development. Needless to say, I know a little about kids! I know these sessions are an investment, and you want the best outcome possible! After watching and observing…I have come up with the top 10 tips to preparing your kids for their photo session.

  1. Feed them beforehand! Hangry children are a real thing and something never to reckon with! Also, think through what you feed them right before as certain foods stain their mouth and hands as well as clothing. Bring along an easy, non-messy snack and water just in case! 
  2. Dress them appropriately for the weather. There are so many cute ideas on layering now days, at the very least…bring along a cute coat if it’s winter time and freezing. Trust me, if they are comfortable, they are more likely to smile and not fight us! (Helpful hint: if it’s really cold, bring hand warmers for their pockets, or stick them in their shoes!) On the same note, it can’t hurt to have a back-up outfit or baby wipes for accidents. =)
  3. Make sure they are well rested. Don’t plan a sleepover the night before, or skip a nap if you can help it. Try to plan it during a non stressful day.
  4. Relax and breathe! Kids pick up on your stress and feed off that all too easily. It’s perfectly acceptable to discipline your children or address behaviors that are not appropriate, but pick and choose your battles. Yelling “smile” in their face typically does not go over well. =) (PS:I’ve totally been that parent!)
  5. Prep your kids on what to expect, but don’t make the session to be a huge deal. Let them know you are going somewhere fun with your family and are going to play and have an adventure. Let them know your friend Kristin will be coming along and will have a camera, but don’t make it a big deal. You can totally also give them incentives for after the session that they can look forward to.
  6. Bring along a loved item, book, or think of a song ahead of time to sing. Stuffed animals can “do really cool tricks” to make kids laugh, and songs or books are a great distraction!
  7. Pick a location that fits for your family’s needs. Get thinking! Where is your child most engaged and calm?  If your kid is afraid of crowds, we probably shouldn’t do the session downtown. If your child can’t handle going by a playground without a massive meltdown, we might choose a less distracting environment. Is your child active and need room to run around? If so, we might pick a field! 
  8. Interact with them! Engage them! Play with them! Throw them around, or attack them with kisses. Ask questions about what they see, or sing a silly song! Anything that encourages connection makes for those special moments you’ll want to remember.
  9. Let go of perfection! Kids WILL be kids.  They will push back, or show their quirks. Embrace the stage they are in and be in the moment. Don’t worry…I’ve seen it all!
  10. Fill out the questionaire! This is something I’ve just started incorporating in our corespondence before our session. It really helps me get to know your family’s unique needs and helps me know how to connect with your kids!

The goal is to set us up for success the best we can, then you can relax and let me do the rest! =)

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