Meet Kristin

I am a story telling, adventure seeking, deep thinking, adrenaline loving, yoga posing, paddle boarding, trail running, crazy dancing, music jamming, kid adoring, mental health advocating, book reading, boy momming (did I make that word up?) photographer based in the gorgeous PNW.

I fell in love with photography in high school as a way to express myself creatively during a difficult time in my life. I started my journey as a photographer after the birth of my oldest son in 2008 and I have been hooked since!

Just like music and writing…I believe photography is attached to memory. One picture can bring us back to a time and place and remind us of little things and feel feelings of that time. I love the way photos will bring back a feeling and memory locked away and gives access to moments otherwise quickly forgotten. My goal is to get to know your family, collect these moments and preserve your memories and to tell the authentic story of you!


What to Expect

What is your story? If you are looking for a studio setting, traditional posing, cheesy smiling, all eyes looking directly to the camera…you have come to the wrong place. What I offer instead? An amazingly fun time with you, or your family in a location that fits your style. I don’t just capture you, I capture who you are…who your family is in an artistic, fresh way! My sessions are described as relaxed and fun with limited posing and more about documenting your interactions with each other. I will pick settings and lighting that works best, but the rest is really just myself directing or coaching you to interact with each other in ways that will best tell your story! Of course, I do my best to get those “everybody looking at the camera” shots, but the majority of the time is spent having fun!

Q & A's

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Question #1:What location should we pick?

Get thinking! What do you do together as a family? What environment means the most to you? What location will showcase your family the best or interests you? What types of things about your kids do you want to capture right now that you don’t want to forget? If we are doing newborn photos, we do them in your home! A lot of times, if you get clear on the type of setting you enjoy, we can come up with good options that work for your session!

Question #2What should we wear?

I am now offering an online styling service for my clients! When you book with me, I will send an email out with a link and passcode to access my styling services. You can use this to get ideas, order clothing, or play around with color palettes for your session.

In general, I tell people to choose 2-3 colors you want to incorporate, and mix patterns with solids. Accessories like hats, bow ties, fun shoes along with a pop of color always make photos pop as well!

Question #3What do we do if it is raining?

Wonderful Washington weather leaves us asking this question a lot! If it is raining at the time of your session, we have the choice of rescheduling for the next available time, or picking a covered/indoor location. I have a few go-to’s for these situations. I typically don’t call off a session for weather until the morning of our session (sometimes the evening before). If it’s cloudy we still go through with the session as it won’t interfere with the quality of your images!

Question #4What is the best time of day to have the session?

Typically lighting is best toward the beginning of the day or an hour before sunset. While my favorite time of day is the hour before sunset, I totally understand that it’s hard with kids’ schedules. In that case, I suggest early morning. For newborn sessions, we book them usually in the morning around 10 am.